"Talent and a dedicated work ethic are two of the primary reasons Tim Darbonne's drill design's are so effective and comprehensive. Logical staging and thoughtful interpretation of the music allow for complete integration of the multiple elements found in our unique activity. If you're looking for a drill writer dedicated to his craft, Tim is your man!"

John M. Meehan
Owner & Composer - JKS Music
Brass Caption Head - The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps

"I've hired Tim several times to write drill for the University of North Texas. His designs are creative, well planned, and appropriate for our group of almost 400 students. I've always appreciated his creativity, professionalism, work ethic, and willingness to assist. He's an up and coming visual designer who will continue to be my first call writer."

Dr. Nicholas Williams
Director of Athletic Bands 
University of North Texas

"I have known Tim for several years now, and he is a true joy to work with. He is one of the most prompt, attentive, and creative drill designers I have ever worked with, and will make your band look better immediately. I highly recommend him!

Shawn Murphy
Head Band Director 
Burleson Centennial High School 
Santa Clara Vanguard - Brass Staff

"I have been working with Tim for the past 7 years (3 as the drill writer/visual coordinator).  I can say from experience, Tim is one of the hardest workers I have ever had the pleasure of watching on the marching field.  His professionalism and work ethic is something to be admired and praised.  Tim works tirelessly to make sure our band gets the best product he can think of at any given time.  As a high school band director, it is great having a drill writer who takes his job very seriously and makes sure his drill is easy to read, teach, and clean!!!  Tim's knowledge of the marching field and experience working with The Blue Devils has helped his writing tremendously.  I will continue to hire Tim to write and coordinate our shows for a very long time. I believe it is because of his style of writing and staging of the band, percussion, and guard that we continuously compete on a high level for a class A band.  It is my pleasure and privilege to work with Tim, and I highly recommend his talents for any program. 

Kenny Broussard
Band Director
Erath High School
Erath, LA

"This is our first year (2012) working with Tim at Henry Clay High School and I can honestly say that his drill is some of the most musically written drill I have ever seen. Tim possesses outstanding work ethic, creativity, and ingenuity. His knowledge of phrasing, use of staging, and unique imagination make for a cutting edge design! Tim carefully plans out each detail and pushes the staff to think and plan at higher levels making all involved in this process learn and grow. I would highly recommend his work to anyone without hesitation. I hope that this is the first year of many that we have the priviledge of working with Tim"

Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School
Lexington, KY

"I have worked with Tim for the past 7 years. He is a thorough and efficient fundamental/movement clinician taking the group's ability into consideration and building upon it with extensive knowledge of their physical wellness in the summer heat. His drill appears complex to the audience but is calculated and well explained to his clients. Every year Tim returns to the Erath Band with a plethora of new ideas and techniques from his nation wide exposure to the marching band and drum corps activity. As an added bonus, he maintains great rapport with his students throughout the season and beyond."

Mike Vizier
Assistant Band Director
Erath High School
Erath, LA

"Tim Darbonne is one of the most passion driven individuals I've ever met! He is very professional and possesses superior knowledge and intellect about how to bring a visual package to any level band. You want to talk professionalism? Tim is someone who understands the language of what band directors want and when we can't think of exactly how to tie loose ends together, Tim absolutely shines! There is no challenge to great for him; he loves his work and talks about it all the time! People who love their work are always highly dedicated to their craft and are some of the best in the business. This is the type of dedicated man you want for your band, TRUST me!"

Mark Duhe
Band Director
St. Thomas More High School
Lafayette, LA 

"Last year (2010) was Thibodaux High's first year working with Mr. Darbonne. The drill was challenging while yet still attainable for our students. I could not have asked for a more qualified and experienced drill writer. The students and I are looking forward to many more prosperous marching seasons working with Tim."

Joel Burt
Director of Bands
Thibodaux High School
Thibodaux, LA

"I've enjoyed working with Tim for the last 3 years on our shows. Writing for small bands is a challenge in itself and he has done a great job. Each year marks notable improvement. I look forward to working with Tim more in the future." 

Billy Geraci
Director of Bands
Merryville High School
Merryville, LA

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