Visual Clinics:

  In addition to designing drill, I also offer a clinician service. I can come to your program for any length of time that you choose. I can work with your ensemble from a marching/movement standpoint, clean drill, work with your visual staff, or all of the above!


 My summer schedule stays pretty booked being that I'm on tour teaching drum corps. The main times I book clinics are from the middle of August through the middle of May. I have worked with marching bands during the fall, indoor percussion ensembles during the spring and even have done some marching camps to end a school year during April and May.

  Clinics must be booked at a minimum of two weeks in advance.

Clinic Rates:

    - Consultation Fee

    - Transportation Expenses

    - Housing (if applicable)

 Please contact me for a price quote and/or to book a clinic.